All Hail: A little less sex needed in the city

With my first month of college over, I’ve come to accept that life in Boston doesn’t resemble any of the exploits of “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw.

But when it comes to sex and relationships, the incoming freshman class, which I’m a member of, has more than its share of drama.

Add parties, alcohol, way too many places to spend money and most importantly, NO parents, and you have enough crime log entries to fill the pages of The News.

What impact has college already begun to have on our lives? The first month of school is gone and it’s time to face the crossroads. Most of us have been partying a lot but can we balance being intoxicated four times a week with our academic schedule?

Well, some of us could, but there’s one small thing that everyone seems to forget until the homework starts rolling in – cost. We are paying roughly $30,000 in tuition and another $10,000 for room and board for an education, not for a weekly frat party and endless supplies of sex, condoms and booze.

Not to say that I do not love sex, condoms and booze (I do!), but there is more to life. It’s kind of scary to walk around campus on a Saturday, Friday, Thursday, or hell, even Wednesday night and think

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