Column: Get thee to Brookline

Column: Get thee to Brookline

The Head of the Charles, a Boston Duck tour, or the Bodyworks exhibit at the Museum of Science all make for a great Saturday. Too bad the hottest ticket in town was admittance to a friendly little field in Brookline.

A sellout crowd at the 74-year-old Parsons Field witnessed a 36-35 Northeastern win over No. 7 New Hampshire – the same Wildcats that trounced Division 1A Northwestern earlier this season, three weeks ago was top-ranked and features 1-AA all-time touchdown receptions leader David Ball.

“I’ve been doing this here for nine years, the crowd has never been that big,” said business and ticket manager John Gruppo, who has to be a happy man after the sellout weekend.

Wrap your head around this concept: at one point fans were denied admittance.

The game was so highly attended that Northeastern’s shuttle bus, which departs from Forsyth Street and brings students to the game, was discontinued for a short period of time. There was no room left at Parsons.

”There were just people absolutely everywhere, every seat was taken,” Gruppo said. ”They were standing behind both endzones, sitting in the bushes and on top of the field house.”

The Kent Street killers didn’t crash the victory party by themselves; they brought an entourage of fellow Huskies with them. Combined, Northeastern Athletics was 10-3-1 over the weekend.

Let’s gloat and be giddy, because this rarely happens. A smile comes over my face as I write about – in disbelief – Husky victories. If your day is gloomy, just think about this:

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