Dean: SGA VP signed off on office swap

Three weeks after the university introduced a plan to relocate 13 student groups from a second-floor office in the Curry Student Center, Northeastern Dean of Campus Life Marina Iannalfo said she drew early support from an elected member of the Student Government Association (SGA).

Joining the student government for its weekly meeting last Thursday, Iannalfo said the decision, which has since become the subject of controversy among student groups, was approved by SGA Vice President for Student Services Susan Dye.

Dye said she was confused about the two rooms incorporated with the plan, which she described as “moving from a shack to a palace.”

“If I had known we were talking about room 232, I would have been completely against it, as I am now,” she said.

Iannalfo also referred to it as a “misunderstanding.”

“The reaction we got was absolutely positive,” she said. “We know now it was because we were talking about two different rooms and didn’t know it.”

Thirteen student groups, including Agap

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