Drawing the foul lines of public sex

Many things are regulated with the use of lines: there are foul lines on a baseball diamond, out of bounds lines in basketball and lines on a piece of paper to guide writing. The purpose of these lines are to limit us, or moreso to maintain us. They give us structure and guidelines to follow.

The other night, my friend and I were hanging out on the stairs at Stetson East. I glanced to the right and to my surprise, in the parking lot behind the back line of cars, I saw a girl on her knees and “pleasuring” a guy friend. I chuckled and turned away.

When I peered back a bit later, the antics of the two had escalated. Now they were going at it on the hood of a car while people passed by nonchalantly. Although I assume the two thought they were hidden, they were in fact in clear view to all. It was not until several minutes had gone by that the girl realized there were people in close range and leapt off the car, baring all from the waist down. I wondered how little one had to care about what they were doing or how much alcohol one has to consume in order to engage in such a normally private act in such a public manner.

There is something about sex in public that is so exhilarating yet so shameful at the same time. I assume the risk of getting caught adds to the excitement and passion, but I suggest we add lines to this act, lines of reason. In hope of preventing a pornographic parking lot show and a hangover of humiliation, there should be foul lines and out-of-bounds lines to make sex in public not so public.

Take the parking lot extravaganza for example; instead of having sex on the car, do it in the car. Scandalous – yet not so exposed.

The idea is to possibly get caught but keep it somewhat improbable. By doing this, your partner and you still get to have some fun in ways you may have never had, while sparing pedestrians from catching an eyeful of the kinky act. One has to be creative to find opportunities to successfully pull this off.

If you are at the mall and get the sudden urge to be bold, don’t choose the fitting room, which usually supplies only an easily moved curtain and an employee on duty. If you cross the lines here, someone will definitely call a technical foul.

Instead, opt for the rear hallways connecting the stores. The doors will be marked “Mall Personnel Only.” The hallways have little security and are usually empty. Once the area is clear and no one is looking, slip through the door and enjoy the privacy of your public sex.

If you are lying on the beach, taking in some sun and feel the need to turn up the temperature even more, rather than hoping a towel will cover you on the sand, take a dip in the ocean and swim out to a deserted area. You will still be in an open place, but your audience on shore will be none the wiser. The water will do a better job deceiving others than a towel ever could.

Sex deserves to be scandalous, passionate and include the excitement of risk. But it also deserves to be personal, so don’t take PDA overboard. The location can be exotic, but the action itself should be subtle.

Sex in public should be a crazy and fun experience that you and your partner can share, not the topic of your friends’ gossip session the next morning. So, if you plan on taking sexual activity – which was originally meant to be kept behind closed doors – to the streets, stay inside the lines of reason.

– contributed by a News Correspondent

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