Letter to the Editor: A negligent distortion of reality

I am writing in response to a letter written two weeks ago by Jamie Waller, who questioned Deval Patrick’s stance on security because he defended a convicted rapist.

It may seem ironic that I write as a criminal justice major in defense of attorneys who defend criminals. However, it is I and others who study in this field who understand the true importance of a good defense. These attorneys are a misunderstood group.

Defense attorneys are not there to set guilty criminals free so they can continue to prey on society. Their purpose is to make sure the innocent are protected from the system. The goal is not innocence or freedom of guilty offenders. It is to make sure the law is followed so legitimate justice can be served (There are, of course, exceptions).

Deval Patrick was vilified by a political science major for his defense of a rapist under some notion that Patrick wants to see rapists on the streets, so they can threaten the safety of society. This is a negligent distortion of reality. Patrick was acting to ensure the law was followed, and justice was served – a notion we should all agree with if we value our freedom as citizens. Deval Patrick and defense attorneys alike need to be better understood in terms of their role in the system, and I ask you to do so before disparaging them as people.

– Mike Glennon is a senior criminal justice major.

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