Letter to the Editor: Past actions are a sign of Dem’s shortcomings

In his letter to the editor on Oct. 11, John Kent deems Republican strategy “scare tactics.” John, a more fitting term could be called: “factual history that dictates a candidate’s agenda.” In Democratic candidate Deval Patrick’s universe, rapists are not bad people.

This deductive reasoning comes from these steps: 1) In 1984, Benjamin LaGuer was convicted of rape. 2) Deval Patrick wrote a letter advocating for the release of Benjamin LaGuer. 3) Therefore, in Deval’s universe, rapists are not bad people. Indeed, John, this is scary. I am afraid. Why aren’t you?

Are you so set on getting a Democrat in the corner office that you will compromise the Commonwealth’s public safety?

Advocating in favor of a rapist says a lot about Patrick’s character. Patrick wants justice so badly, that facts will sometimes blind him. Patrick wants justice so badly, that he is willing to set in motion a 1,000-person community police task force. That sounds like a good idea right? If this task force was so visionary, how come it took him until 32 days before the election to reveal these plans? He introduced the plan two days after the Benjamin LaGuer letters came out hot in the press. Do you see where I am going?

The reason is this: Democrats are notorious for being soft on crime. When they feel a loss of power, then and only then will they address the issue. Governor Dukakis’ softness cost him the United States presidency. The American public will not put up with weak executives – 1988 taught us that.

The constituents of the Commonwealth will not put up with a weak governor. Nov. 7th, 2006, will most certainly teach us that.

– Jamie Waller is a junior political science major.

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