Letter to the Editor: Senator didn’t deserve flak for CSC gaff

From the start, I have been nothing but impressed with the hard work and dedication Susan Dye has brought to the Student Government Association (SGA), in particular to the area of Student Services. I remember when she was chosen to be the assistant Vice President for Student Services last fall, under then Vice President for Student Services and current SGA President Rogan O’Handley.

In discussing his choice with me, O’Handley said that it was Dye’s enthusiasm and immediate desire to step up to a leadership role that set her apart from other prospective candidates for the position. He told me of his first encounter with Dye, when she came up to SGA’s table at the Night at the Student Center event and asked him, “How can I be a leader in this organization?”

From that day forward, Dye’s dedication to serving the students has been unwavering. I had the privilege of sitting on the student services committee with her last year, and have the privilege of sitting on the student center governing board under her leadership as chair this year.

Throughout the time I have served with her, I have come to know her as a hardworking and dedicated leader who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. I was therefore saddened and disappointed to see the unflattering portrayal of Dye in the Oct. 25 edition of the News by former SGA Presidents Michael Benson and Ashley Adams. Dye was portrayed as someone who hid from her responsibility to the students and whose continuation in office should be evaluated by the Student Senate.

In my opinion, this portrayal of Dye is inaccurate, unfair and unfounded, as is Benson and Adams’ willingness to blame her for the confusion surrounding the Curry Student Center office space shuffle. Contrary to hiding from her responsibilities, as soon as Dye became aware of the dissatisfaction of the students affected by the proposed move, she made every effort to address all concerns expressed by the students to the best of her ability.

I am as confident now as I was then that, this past spring, when I cast my vote for Susan Dye to be the next vice president for student services, that I made the right decision. I look forward to seeing Vice President Dye serve out the remainder of the term to which she was elected and to her continued growth as a student leader.

– Lindsay Ford is a senior political science major and member of the Student Government Association.

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