New ‘Mayor’ crowned at Alumni Center

By Kate Augusto

Members of the Northeastern community crowned Christopher Marshall Mayor of Huntington Avenue at the recently-opened Alumni Center in an inauguration ceremony last Wednesday. Marshall, a junior majoring in athletic training, said the victory left him “surprised, excited and looking forward to upcoming events.”

As Mayor of Huntington Avenue, Marshall’s peripheral benefits include attending alumni events, leading the Homecoming Parade and serving as a link between students and alumni at events like senior week.

In a celebration with food and music, Marshall was inaugurated by Vice President for Alumni Relations Jack Moynihan, accompanied by Vice President for Student Affairs Ed Klotzbier. Moynihan gave Marshall a black top hat, baton and Northeastern Husky sweatshirt, which he jokingly ordered Marshall to wear to classes the next day.

The crowning of the Mayor of Huntington Avenue was a tradition in the 1980s that Klotzbier and other members of the Office of Student Affairs revived last year.

“The tradition used to be so big that The [Boston] Globe would cover it,” Moynihan said. “The purpose of this election is to bring back tradition, utilize the new alumni center, have alumni reach out to students and enhance school spirit.”

Moynihan and Klotzbier said the turnout was greatly increased from last year. Sarah Pope, associate director for college and class outreach, said about 130 students attended.

Marshall, president of the Athletic Training Club, a member of the Dean’s Student Council in the Bouv

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