At the end of this past spring semester, I fulfilled a fantasy many guys share.

My girlfriend of three months and I had never really had problems asking each other to do anything sexual.

She was very inexperienced, and I was her first time for a lot of things, so I had to “show her the ropes.”

I presented her with many ideas, and she easily complied. This is what led to a fun oral story.

Living in Davenport A, we were so far from the rest of the Northeastern world that during the week we did not do much else but play video games, including Madden.

One day I decided to make the next game of Madden a little more interesting than usual.

I invited my girlfriend upstairs to hang out and watch me play, but asked if she would like to have some part in the festivities.

She had no problem with my request. I set the game to three-minute quarters, and we both got to work.

She started performing oral sex on me from the time of the kickoff and continued throughout the game.

I was running the ball with Michael Vick in ways you couldn’t imagine: 80-yard runs, 70-yard touchdown passes – probably my best game of Madden ever!

It was such a high-scoring game, and, shortly after, the Steelers lost by a blowout – not to mention my girlfriend received a blowout of her own.

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