Alcohol always seems to enhance a good sex story. The morning after indulging, you wake up and piece together the events of the night before, only to fully realize the extent of the hilarious occurrences that passed.

After the first party in my apartment last year, I awoke to my roommate, dressed only in her underwear, leading the building supervisor and our downstairs neighbor into my room.

Our neighbor was yelling, “My whole living room is completely flooded.”

My male friend and I woke up in the midst of all the commotion. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and stepped into two inches of water. After a few moments of contemplation, I realized the mini-flood was a result of some fun my male friend and I had in the shower the night before.

Apparently we were in the shower for a very long time, because the water had time to overflow out of the shower and cover my rather large bedroom. We must have been too drunk or too focused on moving the fun into the bedroom to realize we had created a flood. Plus, everyone else was too busy getting busy to notice water had spilled out into the hallway next to my room.

After multiple rug deep cleanings and earning the intense hatred of our downstairs neighbor, we now fondly remember that night as the great flood of 2005. I am now very careful to keep sex in the shower short and sober.

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