Lebanese editor talks Middle East issues

Lebanese editor talks Middle East issues

By Jessi Savino

Rather than stay for the full five years, Rami Khouri will be taking in his Northeastern experience during a three-week residency.

Khouri, editor-at-large of the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper, is at the university to speak on the current state of affairs in the Middle East.

Last Wednesday, Khouri, in an event sponsored by The News and the International Affairs Society, was interviewed by Stephen Babcock, managing editor of The News, discussing topics like America’s presence in Iraq, this past summer’s war in Lebanon, the Israeli conflict and the effects of Hezbollah.

Khouri was steadfast in calling for the United States to develop a consistent approach in the Middle East.

“If the United States truly wanted to promote democracy in Lebanon, it would not have given Israel such support,” Khouri said. “America’s actions contradict its words.”

On why he believes the U.S. is being met with such resistance in the Middle East, Khouri said: “The idea that the United States can sanction democracy while conducting warfare makes the U.S. less credible throughout the entire world

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