Letter: Senators, students must be accountable

As senators, we like to refer to the Student Government Association (SGA) as the premiere advocacy body on campus. The 100 or so of us who currently comprise the Senate are proud to acknowledge that we represent the 14,000 undergraduate students of Northeastern. We confidently say we know how they feel on the issues and make decisions that are in their best interests. But does the average senator know and communicate with the 50 constituents he has vowed to represent? Does the average senator consult these constituents before voting on any piece of legislation? Do your senators represent you to the best of their abilities? Are you, as a student, demanding your student government do what’s best for you?

As a three-year veteran of SGA, I was appalled by the lack of responsibility shown by the Senate last Monday. I have no doubt that every senator is a highly respectable student, motivated and enthusiastic to serve their student body. With the high number of new senators, however, I am concerned that too many senators have yet to understand exactly how to do their job. The discussion for the evening moved quickly, with a large number of senators seeming purely disinterested until bylaw amendments came up that would directly affect them. For the first time that I can remember in SGA, we fell short of the 53 senators needed to conduct legitimate business after just over three hours. I demand that the student body hold their senators accountable.

If you do not think you have a senator representing you, I challenge you to become one. Come to the SGA office in 332 Curry student center and tell us when you have a concern. Did you sign someone’s senator petition form when it was passed around your Introduction to College class in September? Demand that person keep you informed of senate policy and legislation and insist on having a say before it is voted on. Senate is open to all students. Dare to attend weekly meetings and tell us what we can do for you. Without a student body demanding that we act for them, how could we ever be the premiere advocacy body on campus?

– Krystal Beaulieau is the SGA vice president for administration and public relations.

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