Letter to the Editor: News courts scandal with SGA coverage

Being a member of the Northeastern community, I pick up The News each Wednesday to learn what is happening on campus. After recent events, I have begun to change my opinion about the quality of reporting by staff members of your newspaper.

At a recent Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, I listened to a few of my fellow senators said they were misquoted in the newspaper several times. One of my constituents claimed he has been misquoted six times. Quite frankly, six times is unacceptable. As an outsider of The News, I feel your job entails reporting the news. This means doing your research, speaking to the people you need to speak to and reporting, in detail, exactly what they said. The Northeastern News is not a play on words; it is meant to inform the student body at Northeastern.

Students can read The Times New Roman if they want to read humorous, somewhat outlandish reports. It appalls me that such a large student organization on campus would intentionally slander other members of our student body, reporting stories where you are not dealing with the whole deck of cards.

Moreover, it’s repulsive that you would manipulate your words in order to create a scandal that never really existed. I am referring to last week’s report on SGA’s vice president for student services.

In short, I would ask, in regards to the overall well-being of Northeastern University and its student body, that you report the news with candor and stop trying to turn it into The National Enquirer.

– Christina Wright is a sophomore Spanish and international affairs major and SGA senator.

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