Letter to the Editor: Sports coverage lacks smaller teams

I am a member of the swimming and diving team here at Northeastern. In the past two weeks I noticed a recurring theme extending from last year – the lack of coverage for the swimming and diving team.

Now I know the sport isn’t one to draw a huge crowd or rake in a lot of money, but the fact that we are one of the more consistant teams at the school should count for something. Homecoming weekend is a great example of my frustrations. Every sport that had a game, meet or race had some article, big or small, in the paper. What did the swimming and diving team get? Nothing but a small article online.

No offense to the paper, but most students who read The News do not read it online. In fact, a lot of people don’t even know that you can do such a thing. All I’m asking is to think of the smaller teams when it comes time to print. It really makes a difference.

– Katy Turner is a senior journalism and marketing major.

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