Northeastern Crime Log

By Yulia Sysevich

Crime Log entries are selected from Northeastern’s Division of Public Safety reports.

Crime Log Entry of the Week Sunday, November 5 10:30 p.m. A female visitor coming to see a Northeastern student said she and her friend were walking on Hemenway Street when they were approached by a group of men. One of the men grabbed the woman in a private area and ran off. BPD officers were notified and shortly after, they saw a group of men fitting the given description walking on Huntington Avenue. NUPD officers assisted them in stopping the four suspects. The victim picked the alleged “grabber” out and he was arrested. He has no affiliation with Northeastern.

Tuesday, October 31 5:30 p.m. A 21-year-old student from West Village E said she left her clothes in the third floor laundry room and they were missing when she returned.

7 p.m. A group of trick-or-treaters outside Willis Hall were hit by water thrown from a fifth floor window. It was determined that two 19-year-old residents threw the water.

7 p.m. A 19-year-old male student reported receiving harassing calls on his cell phone. He reported it was a former student who used to be his roommate, and several other current students. They were contacted, and admitted to making the phone calls. They thought they were making prank calls, and said they were taken too seriously.

Wednesday, November 1 10 a.m. An 18-year-old male visiting the University on Halloween reported he parked his car near Ryder Hall, and when he returned the next morning, his window was broken and his MP3 player had been stolen.

1 p.m. The staff at the university bookstore stopped a male who filled a duffel bag with textbooks. He was confronted at the door and ran. When police caught him, they found he had several hundred dollars worth of books in the bag.

2:30 p.m. A food service employee at Speare Hall discovered a credit card missing from her wallet at the end of her shift. It had been left in the food service office at Speare, which had been left unattended at times throughout the day.

4:30 p.m. A 23-year-old male student reported leaving a book unattended on the third floor of Snell library. When he returned, it was gone.

Thursday, November 2 12:15 a.m. Several students from Northeastern and other institutions, who were walking through the Fens, were approached by a group of teenagers. Some of the students reported being robbed, while others ran off. They saw a passing police car and reported what happened and the direction in which the group fled. At the Ruggles T station, the Boston and NU police stopped a group of suspects, arresting six people. Two were 15 years old, and the others were 16, 17, 18 and 19 years old. They recovered a cell phone that appeared stolen, but none of the students reported having a phone stolen.

7 a.m. The manager of Wollaston’s at the Marino Center reported detaining a shoplifter who stole candy. He is a 38-year-old male who was a contracted employee working at Northeastern. He was fired from his job. He said he didn’t know why he stole the candy and apologized.

6 p.m. A group of high school students in the Curry Student Center were acting in a disorderly manner. A staff member at the center asked them to stop misbehaving and they became disrespectful. One of them threw a soda at him, while others ran. Several suspects were stopped by police who were called by staff, including the 18-year-old who threw the soda.

Friday, November 3 2 a.m. A 20-year-old student reported he was assaulted by a man on the west side of campus. A 20-year-old non-student was the alleged attacker. Alcohol was apparently involved. The student didn’t want to press charges. The assailant apologized and was told not to return to Northeastern. 11 a.m Two female students were fighting inside Davenport A. 21-year-old Yen Tran went to the residence hall to visit a friend. She got into an argument with her friend’s roommate. In the course of the argument, Tran allegedly knocked the other woman to the ground and kicked her several times in the head. The victim was taken to the hospital for observation. Tran is banned from returning to Davenport A and will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR). 1 p.m A student reported that on Thursday at 1:30 p.m., she accidentally left her cell phone in a bathroom. It was gone when she returned.

2:15 p.m. A Northeastern police officer patrolling the Curry Student Center noticed a large group of high school-aged students, some of whom he recognized as being told to stay off campus due to disorderly behavior. When they saw the officer several of the students fled. Some were stopped and questioned, and were disorderly and uncooperative. Two were given trespassing orders in the past and were arrested. Both attend City on a Hill High School. One is 15 the other is 17.

3 p.m. A male resident of Kennedy Hall reported cash belonging to him and a guest was stolen from his apartment. They believe the only people in the apartment at the time were other students both of them knew. This case is under investigation.

3:30 p.m. A student reported his digital camera was stolen at the architecture studio in Ruggles station. He left his camera in his backpack unattended on Oct. 23 while working on a project. He returned the next day to find the camera missing.

4:30 p.m. A 22-year-old female reported leaving her wallet unattended for three hours in Dodge Hall. When she returned, it was missing. It contained $12 and several credit cards.

8 p.m. An officer on patrol on Gainsborough Street recognized Eduardo Rodriguez, a 21-year-old homeless man from the area. He was arrested last October for stealing a bike. He was arrested again for failure to appear in court.

11 p.m. A Resident Assistant (RA) reported the odor of marijuana in Stetson West. Two 18-year-old males were smoking in their room. Officers confiscated their pipe and bag of marijuana.

Saturday, November 4 12:30 a.m. Boston College police reported two Northeastern students were found intoxicated in front of their headquarters. They were taken to St. Elizabeth’s hospital.

1:20 a.m. A caller reported a 19-year-old male student sitting unconscious behind Light Hall. When police found him, he was intoxicated, but conscious and alert. He was taken back to his residence hall.

5 p.m. An NUPD officer saw five students in the Fens passing marijuana. It was a 17-year-old visiting three 19-year-old males and one 20-year-old male. Their 17-year-old friend was told not to return to campus. 7 p.m. The library staff reported that a man banned from the library had signed in. Armando Suarez, 25, from Boston, was arrested for trespassing. Sunday, November 5 4 a.m. A female resident of West Village A reported she was assaulted by her roommate. Her roommate came into the apartment at 3:30 a.m. with guests and was very noisy. The sleeping resident woke up and an argument ensued. She reported that she was slapped. They have a history of roommate issues, such as cleanliness of the apartment. She did not want to press criminal charges. The case will be reported to OSCCR.

Monday, November 6 Noon A 20-year-old male from Douglass Park reported he left his wallet on a desk in his apartment Sunday night. His roommate came in while he was asleep with at least seven visitors. When the student woke up the next morning and checked his e-mail, he found that someone e-mailed him at 3:30 a.m. to tell him they found his wallet outside the building. It was missing $80. His roommate doesn’t know all the names of the people. The case is still under investigation.

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