Study reveals casual sex sentiments

By Marc Larocque

A recent study for the publication of the Journal of Sex Research concluded that college-aged women with a history of casual sex tend to feel more depressed after their sexual experience than men do. The study, entitled “No Strings Attached: The Nature of Sex in College Students,” also found that casual sex occurred more often between friends than between strangers.

The study sample included 404 undergraduate students in introductory psychology courses at an undisclosed large public university in the southeastern United States. More than half of the students surveyed who were sexually active said they engaged in casual sex.

It also found 18 percent of females and 3 percent of males thought their most recent casual sex experience was “the beginning of a romance.” This disparity, the authors said, could be the reason for the difference in depressive symptoms.

“A lot of times one partner in the casual sex relationship develops feelings while the other does not,” said Amanda Paquin, a sophomore biochemistry major.

At Northeastern, a survey of 60 undergraduates sampled randomly from Curry Student Center showed that 33 have not experienced casual sex. Of the 27 who have, 15 were comfortable with the experience in retrospect.

The survey also showed that 20 of the 27 students who had had casual sex would be willing to do it again.

“I think casual sex is a great thing because you don’t have to worry about any commitment afterwards,” said Dave Rothenburg, a freshman electrical engineering major who has had casual sex and would do it again.

Others said they stood firmly against casual sex.

“I don’t believe in one-night stands, casual sex or booty calls,” said Amanda Kaur, a middler biology major. “There always has to be some meaning behind it.”

Some other students acknowledge the downside to casual sex, but still do not resist.

“Casual sex deteriorates one’s essence bit by bit, making you worthless,” said Vladimir Leonidas, a middler psychology major. “But I would try it again.”

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