Summer registration options disappoint

By Marc Larocque

Registration for summer courses started yesterday much to the surprise of middler neuroscience major Chris Shay.

“I had no idea that it started today. I didn’t hear anything at all,” he said. “They really should make it more announced to students.”

Lauren Chrisholm, a middler political science major, agreed and questioned the scheduling of the procedure.

“Of all times, right when we get back from Thanksgiving break was not a good idea,” she said. “It doesn’t help that they don’t announce anywhere that there is registration.”

Despite the timing for some, Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President for Academic Affairs MJ Paradiso said starting registration earlier could lead to a smoother process.

“Many students are still focusing on registration for spring semester, never mind summer courses yet,” he said. “But it is good that courses are up so students can decide if they want to take classes or not.”

Some students said they are having trouble finding classes that fulfill requirements during summer semesters.

“I planned on graduating over the summer but the molecular biology class I need to complete my requisites is not offered,” said senior biology major Faisal Ibrahi. “There aren’t many options to choose.”

Other students said the summer course selection is too narrow.

“I’d rather have more selection than they have to offer,” said Jesse Brady, a sophomore management information systems major. “The school must be limited in their resources for summer courses.”

Summer classes are a continuing issue in the college world, Paradiso said. The university offers more classes only if there are more students to take them and, in turn, to create revenue, he said.

“I need to fulfill certain requirements for my major and they don’t offer many advanced courses in the summer,” Brady said. “So, I’m forced to take electives and other things to fulfill prerequisites.”

Paradiso is proposing a system to find out which students are taking summer courses and what they want to take.

“There should be more requisite, elective and upperclass offerings,” Paradiso said. “But it’s not so much the number, but the right courses should be offered. We need courses offered that fit the needs of the student body.”

The SGA project to improve course selection is in an advocacy phase. Paradiso spoke to the provost, the registrar, a few deans and many administrators, in order to find out what classes students want before registration began.

“Hopefully online registration will help us be able to track the patterns of what classes students are signing up for the most,” Paradiso said.

But some students are troubled by the online registration system through the myNEU portal.

“I think that myNEU and class registration need to be totally separate,” Chisholm said. “I can’t access my e-mail or anything else … while people are registering.”

Northeastern needs to get feedback from students, Paradiso said.

“The key to planning summer courses is being reactive in realizing that students fluctuate in numbers signing up, but proactive in making sure summer courses are getting proper funding, faculty support and getting the right attention,” he said.

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