Alumni band comes full-circle

By Barbara Lee

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the group that sponsored “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Takeover.”

When Audible Mainframe played at afterHOURS Saturday night, the show marked the end of an East Coast run that began in that very same club.

“This show brings things full circle,” said Dave Miller, a 2004 Northeastern alumnus who served as the band’s keyboardist and trumpet player. “This is the hub of where we got together.”

Johnny George, the band’s drummer and a member of the Class of 2003 who majored in business with a minor in music, was disappointed because he was hoping to perform at an outdoor quad show, but was “glad to be back.”

Both George and Miller said their Northeastern experience largely enabled their current success.

“We are a product of what college is all about,” George explained. “Networking and meeting people from everywhere.”

Humanwine and Kid:Nap:Kin joined Audible Mainframe in a show befitting for Halloween weekend.

The event, which was sponsored by the Council for University Programming (CUP), attracted about 40 people to the on-campus club, some of whom were dressed in costume. The music resembled everything from melodic rock to hip-hop-infused rock with a touch of jazz.

Kristina Grossmann, a middler music industry major, is CUP’s concert chair. Grossmann plays a large role in coordinating and picking bands to play at afterHOURS. She plans at least two shows a month using a budget and a committee, she said.

The committee meets weekly to discuss bands they like or have seen. Together they go through press kits and e-mails, do research, listen to student suggestions and eventually pick bands with students in mind.

“I want to have the best shows based on my budget [so] I pick bands that people will like,” Grossmann said. “It’s rewarding when there’s a lot of people.”

Another recent afterHOURS event, this one sponsored by the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association, was dubbed “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Takeover.” It lasted two nights and featured Lights Resolve, Jared Scharff and the Royals Clarity, Humankind, Honest Thomas and Lansdowne. The show filled afterHOURS to capacity on the second night when As Tall As Lions graced the stage.

“This year has been amazing and afterHOURS is finally being put to good use,” Grossmann said. She said she hopes to continue the trend of having such great bands and turnouts at afterHOURS shows.

When Grossmann is in the process of putting together a show, she said she also tries to put bands together that mesh well. Even though college shows help bands build their popularity, Grossmann looks for bands that already have a solid fan base.

“I love booking bands,” Grossmann said. “I have so much fun at every show.”

But the students and Grossmann are not the only ones who enjoy these bi-monthly shows.

“Playing with peers is important,” said Daniel Ellis, Kid:Nap:Kin’s singer and guitarist. “It’s a different vibe because our music is geared toward college students.”

The other members of Kid:Nap:Kin, drummer Patrick Hanlin and bassist Jamila Weaver, are 2006 graduates of Berklee College of Music. Their newest EP “Touring the Riot Scene” is a “social commentary” on “the unraveling of the fabric of society” and “everything we see going wrong,” Ellis said.

After the final run at afterHOURS, Audible Mainframe are relocating to Long Beach, Calif.

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