Commentary: Questions of race relations go un-answered

Since the beginning of the semester, there have been a number of inquiries made by student organizations like the retention and recruitment of faculty/administrators of color, financial aid practices, the protocol for handling issues regarding race relations on campus and student enrollment.

As students, we would like to know why these issues have not been publicly addressed in a timely fashion and why there has not been a concrete plan presented to combat future incidents. Below is a list of groups who have been trying to set up a meeting with President Joseph Aoun since the summer, yet all our efforts have been unsuccessful. Although a select few group leaders have been invited to functions to meet with the president, these have not resulted in tangible answers.

The groups would like answers to the following questions: What are the social implications on the NU community of the drastic employment cutbacks throughout the university? What type of support is granted to students, faculty, staff and administrators of color? What has prompted the large number of resignations among these faculty, staff and administrators of color? What is the protocol the Office of Financial Aid follows in assisting students? How are the issues of racism and discrimination handled at the university, and are these issues handled in a timely manner? What is the criteria the admissions office will use to recruit, enroll and retain a more diverse group of students at Northeastern University?

As students; we feel we have the right to know why issues that occur on campus are not addressed properly, and how we could be included in the decision-making process. To administration and President Aoun, the following organizations await answers: Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, Asian Student Union, Black Engineering Student Society, Brothers About Change, Caribbean Student Organization, Cape Verdean Student Association, Haitian Student Union, Latin American Student Organization, Northeastern Black Student Association, Northeastern African Student Organization, NU Barkada, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Vietnamese Student Association

– Luisa Pena is a se

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