Letter to the Editor: Relax, college the one chance to take it easy

I have been reading the bi-weekly column from “the guru” this entire semester. She is very entertaining. I do have one message for her though: don’t worry about growing up right now, just enjoy the college life (and people) while it lasts.

Early in the semester you talked about guys having messy rooms and alcoholic or sexual posters on the wall. Later in the semester you mentioned how guys are cheap because they can’t take girls out on the town. And as recently as your last column you talked about guys using slang, among other topics. I understand all of your points, but I think you are taking life a little too seriously.

Guys don’t have money to take girls out. We can barely support our own drinking and eating habits, let alone someone else’s. We are also a little immature. We like to party, and we like to hang those posters with girls and booze on the walls. We also do call our friends “bro” sometimes.

In a few years, I hope to be gainfully employed, married and have children. If that’s the case, I will make you this promise: I will pull down my “have a shot” poster with the naked girl on it, throw out my empty bottles of whiskey and take my wife to the Top of the Hub for dinner.

I just hope you don’t miss out on any great guys or great experiences because they couldn’t afford to take you out to a nice place or even buy a bottle of nice wine, or because they had some amazing friends they referred to as “bro,” or acted a little immature one night when they had a few too many drinks. After all, this is college.

– Matthew Romano is a senior finance and accounting Major and former president of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

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