Psychic impresses even skeptics

Psychic impresses even skeptics

By Marc Larocque

Psychic Robert Channing mystified students with a mix of mind reading and comedy at the Curry Student Center ballroom last night. It was his fifth performance at Northeastern.

“I have a sixth sense called ESP. I don’t physically see it,” he said. “The pineal gland causes natural hallucinations of the mind that create visions and lets me see the answer in my mind.”

Channing, a self-proclaimed mix of psychic, psychologist, hypnotist and comedian, said he works on a formula that includes 35 percent ESP and 35 percent showmanship. The rest, he said, is just dumb luck.

“He’s probably just an entertainer who’s really good at making educated guesses and generalizations,” said Ruthanne Tarantino, a freshman undecided major. “I saw him sitting there in the back just observing and judging us before the show.”

Some students attended as an opportunity to make some cash.

“He has some special thing. If you prove him wrong you get $100,000,” said Keelan Maguire, a sophomore athletic training major.

First, Channing guessed the amount of change several students had in their pockets – and was right on the money every time.

“There is nothing in modern neuroscience that proves ESP in any way,” said Zac Connor, a middler neuroscience major. “But between sleight of hand and showmanship this show also exhibited true mystery.”

At age five, Channing noticed his talent for ESP and started to refine it by practicing with fellow children.

“I was a class clown in college,” Channing said. “I knew I had a gift so I liberated myself and became an ESP entrepreneur.”

Channing is a college dropout, but said has performed for presidents, kings and queens, as well as members of the Fortune 500 and major colleges around the world. He has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and even QVC.

“ESP is like electricity,” he said. “You know it’s there but you can’t explain it.”

Two students assisted Channing during a blindfolded section of the show, during which he placed a half-dollar coin over each one of his eyes, then had the students tightly cover his eyes with duct tape and a blindfold.

The two students grabbed three different sized items from random members of the crowd.

A female student who took a condom from an audience member began rubbing the wrapped condom on her head.

“I’m getting a vision. This thing is way too big for this guy,” Channing said. “He has been carrying it all his life, wishing to use it,” he said before accurately identifying the condom and describing the wrapper.

Some students left the ballroom shaking.

“It freaked me out and I couldn’t prove him wrong,” Maguire said. “It kind of scares me, but it was entertaining.”

As his final act of ESP, Channing accurately channeled student’s oddball memories, romantic situations and nicknames. He then gave these students predictions about where their life will lead.

“I don’t know how he could have known about an old inside joke between my friend Alex and I. He even knew his name,” Tarantino said. “Apparently I’m going to be married in three to four years and then have eight children.”

Channing said students who couldn’t come to the show can call him at 800-320-9650, and he will be able to tell the caller what he or she is wearing.

“I don’t believe in anything supernatural,” Tarantino said, “but this makes me wonder.” –>

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