All Hail: Nutri-Northeastern

Would you trade your arm for $1 million? No, you would not, nor would you barter away your leg for any amount of money. Do you know why?

Because your body is your most valuable possession.

That is why it boggles my mind when people abuse their bodies. Alcohol, cookies and fried foods all impair good health, yet the aforementioned treats are frequently consumed around campus.

I do not pass judgement upon others, as I do not wish to be judged for my life. I understand academics must be prioritized. I have a great appreciation for those who work diligently in the pursuit of their dream careers. However, it bothers me when people say, “I do not have time” or “I do not have the means” to stay in shape.

Northeastern provides its student body with every means possible to be in great physical condition. From the three gyms to the intramural sports to the healthy choices in the dining halls, anyone who actually wants to retain the body they had in high school can do so with a Husky card and a little will power.

I have had many a friend tell me how hard it is to make healthy food choices in college. With Domino’s deliveries until 2 a.m. and cookies and junk food in the cafeteria, some make eating healthy sound as hard as learning quantum physics. Having doubted these claims, I checked my sources and found that this is a free country. I could not find a law mandating we eat junk food. We eat it because we want to.

The dining halls offer almost everything students could possibly need to eat healthy, from the salad bar to the stir fry. From eggs and orange juice in the morning to grilled chicken breast at night, the dining hall can be a haven for the health conscious or an albatross for the less motivated. The one thing Levine Marketplace does not serve is self-control. The desire to make healthy decisions is intrinsic.

When it comes to athletic facilities, Northeastern gets straight As in my non-existent book. Not only are there three gyms, but an indoor track, a pool, and for those who do not know how to work out properly, personal fitness trainers are available for a reasonable price.

For those inclined to run outdoors, Northeastern has taken the time to provide its community with maps of outdoor running routes, which can be found on Intramural and club sports exist, and most allow anyone to participate, assuming you want to put in the effort.

I believe in a strong mind-body connection. I cannot speak for everyone, but I am mentally sharper when I work out, opposed to the periods when I am stagnant. With our nation facing a growing obesity epidemic, and the risks associated with being overweight, I feel it is imperative for our generation to put more effort into our physical well-being.

Most of us are still at an age when we can compensate for a lackluster health regime. But this gift, like a lot of things in life, will be taken from us. I say turn off the XBox and be active. Even if you begin by going for walks a couple times a week, your body will most certainly notice and reward you for your efforts.

– Zach Finkelstein is a middler journalism and psychology major.

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