Commentary: Kerry, Patrick event needed more publicity

As a journalism major with a minor in political science, I am known as the “political one” in my apartment.

This is why I was slightly shocked that I had absolutely no idea Senator John Kerry, newly-elected Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino were not only on campus but giving speeches last Friday.

Senator John Kerry was holding his Second Annual Massachusetts Procurement Conference and Business Expo in the Curry Student Center, and I was oblivious.

When my roommate mentioned something to me, I immediately called a fellow journalism/political science student who also had no clue this was occurring.

I was so glad that I heard about this because, although short, the whole event was very interesting and exciting. I think it’s great that our city and state politicians are so involved in our community here at Northeastern, but I also think it’s strange that there was barely any publicity regarding this event.

I heard more about who was performing at afterHOURS during the week then I heard about this affair.

How is it that our school can boast a top-notch political science department with some of the most distinguished professors in the field, yet not inform its students of such opportunities? It’s not every day that major politicians are right around the corner, and I feel if more students had known about this event, more would have wanted to come to see these speeches.

– Chelsea Reil is freshman journalism major.

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