Letter to the Editor: Affirmative Action: more than race

In response to Christian Shoemaker’s comment about affirmative action (“Affirmative action ineffective policy” Jan. 24), it does not only apply to students of color. It also applies to those who need extra help (based on their individual needs) to pursue their field of interest.

If you have a problem with affirmative action, what do you have to say about the scholarships for women because they pursue fields dominated by men, like engineering? What do you have to say about those few athletes that are excellent in their sport but can hardly write a paper? What do you have to say about those students with poor grades who are accepted to great schools because their parents either donated money to the school or their family is a legacy with the institution? And what about the person who receives a full ride because they are from another country or state that is hardly represented at a given school?

You say affirmative action is discrimination against the majority. There is a reason well-off caucasian males (because let’s face it- caucasian women are a minority too) are the majority. The foundations of this country were designed to benefit this particular group, which explains why there is lack of representation of minorities in powerful positions, whether in the work force or places of higher education. Until it is not a shock for a minority to run for a high power position (Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, etc.), affirmative action is needed.

-LaTanya Lemon is a junior physical therapy and psychology major.

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