Letter to the Editor: UHCS professional, efficient office

In response to Chelsea Reil’s complaints (Jan. 10 “Northeastern caught up in red tape”) about Northeastern’s University Health and Counseling Center (UHCS), I wanted to share my experiences with the “bureaucracy of the university.” As a middler, I have wasted many minutes calling my mom with a stuffy nose asking her what to do. The first time I gathered up the courage to face UHCS, my throat was sore and I was filled with trepidation. However, I found nothing but professional courtesy at the reception desk, which put me immediately at ease. They explained the paperwork I had to fill out and led me through the steps I needed to take to see a doctor. After they made sure that I was not an emergency case, they scheduled me for another appointment. I came back for my appointment later the same afternoon.

The doctor I saw my freshman year and the doctors I have seen after my first visit have all been polite, courteous and attentive to my needs. They have always given me a business card with their personal extension in case I had any more health problems, showing concern on their part. Not only have I been impressed and been helped physically and mentally, but my parents have always felt very comfortable with me seeing a doctor at UHCS.

I have also used the counseling services at Northeastern at different times during my college experience. Although I will not go into detail, these encounters were also amazingly comfortable and helpful. I think the quality of the professional staff in an office is much more telling than the unfortunate “NU shuffle” you might have to go through to receive a signature from this or any Northeastern office. Chelsea was inaccurate in denouncing this important university service without actually seeing a doctor. Maybe she should clean her slate and walk into the UHCS with a positive attitude and I am sure these professionals will reciprocate.

-Meghan L. McCormick is a middler psychology and education major and vice president of administration for the Resident Student Association.

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