Springfest poll open for students’ input

By Samantha Egan

Although the Council for University Programs (CUP) has made bids on several acts, the Springfest and concert committees are still seeking student opinions through an online poll posted on their website.

The survey contains a list of possibilities for the concert, the main event of Springfest 2007, which will take place the week of April 9.

Jeff Maimon, concert committee chair, said the committee hopes this year’s concert will keep Matthews Arena packed for the whole concert, rather than students coming and going to see one band in particular.

“Last year it felt like the place was never full,” Maimon said. “Some people came for the Violent Femmes then took off, or some people came later that only wanted to see Dashboard [Confessional]. Our main goal is to sell out and keep everyone inside the whole time.”

The choices for the survey were chosen strictly on price range, and the website notes that some on the list may no longer be available once dates and specifics are discussed. The list contains a wide range of choices from Gavin DeGraw to Panic! At the Disco. The survey asks students to select five out of a total of 43 choices, and mechanisms are in place to ensure students vote only one time. Maimon said the poll will be up for at least two more weeks.

He said the concert committee is “definitely on track” and are awaiting responses from several artists.

The $249,620 set aside to fund Springfest was allocated to CUP by the Budget Review Committee in an unanimous vote several weeks ago.

If students wish to be further involved in planning Springfest, meetings are Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in room 440 of the Curry Student Center.

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