Student activities fee holds, makes statement

Student activities fee holds, makes statement

By Kate Augusto

The Budget Review Committee (BRC) decided unanimously last night to keep the Student Activities Fee (SAF) at its current level of $109 per student per year. In one of the few influential statements the BRC can make, members are hoping through this decision they will show support for the financially strapped student body.

“We are generally non-political, but this is one time where we can show the mood of the student body in monetary ways,” said Christopher Kelley, the vice president for financial affairs of the Student Government Association (SGA), during the meeting. If the BRC were to raise the fee, they would have capped it at $114 a year, a $14 increase from the 2004-2005 school year, Kelley said.

“Walking down the street I hear people complain about how much college costs

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