Students break down barriers of ignorance through panel discussions last night

By Jessi Savino

Students of all backgrounds and sexual orientations crowded into the Raytheon Amphitheatre for the annual “Breaking the Barriers of Ignorance” series Tuesday night.

The event had two sections: “Queer on Campus” and “Identifying Women’s Issues,” and panels addressed related issues facing both the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community and women in today’s society.

“‘Breaking the Barriers’ was created to bring awareness on issues that are not talked about in class or everyday conversation,” said NUBiLAGA treasurer Edwin Figueroa. “It’s basically to allow people to communicate issues that are often ignored.”

The panel for “Queer on Campus” consisted of Northeastern professor, Dr. Mark Douglass; four Northeastern students, Jaime Machopka, Mark Dunham, Ryan Munroe, and Sandra Derch; and a nurse from Massachusetts General Hospital, Michael Toby.

“You shouldn’t have to attach a label,” Munroe said. “It shouldn’t matter. I don’t say, ‘This is my gay friend so-and-so’ just like my other friends wouldn’t say ‘This is my black friend Ryan.’

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