Unusual weather dampens skiers’ adventures

By Kate Augusto

Skiers and snowboarders depend on New England winters for their snowbound sports. But with less than an inch of snowfall in Boston last December and the continuation of warm weather into January, snowbunnies might have to look elsewhere for winter fun.

Tasha Levin, a freshman health science major, said her attempt to enjoy normal winter activities was challenging, but she managed.

“I went snowboarding over vacation but there was no snow,” Levin said. “I had to go to the top even though I was inexperienced because there was only snow at the top. I fell a lot more.”

For Northeastern’s ski team, the weather has already affected its meet Saturday at Killington in Vermont.

Rhiannon Quirk, captain of the ski team, said the meets’ events have changed because of the weather and caused the elimination of one event that requires hard snow. Quirk also said training for the meet has become an issue. If there isn’t enough snow by Saturday, the meet will have to be canceled, she said.

“They’re continuing to blow snow but they won’t be able to on Friday and Saturday because it’s going to be warmer

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