Athletes hit the auction block for fun, philanthropy

Athletes hit the auction block for fun, philanthropy

Move over Justin Timberlake, Rory Farrell also has a dick in a box.

The sophomore on the men’s hockey team pulled in $30 at the sixth annual Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) date auction after appearing onstage with a box around his waist, mirroring Timberlake’s infamous Saturday Night Live skit.

Farrell was one of 28 student-athletes auctioned off Sunday at the Cabot Center. The auction was held to raise money for the Massachusetts Special Olympics.

Emcee Ryan Clauson, also a sophomore on the men’s hockey team, capped off his routine by putting his face in Farrell’s box.

“I enjoy offending people and pushing the limits,” Clauson said. “People get warmed up and open up their money bags, which is good because it is for a good cause.”

Clauson showed up to the event in Uggs, shorts and huge sunglasses, mimicking what every girl in college wears, he said. He also heckled people as they left for not giving to the Special Olympics.

“Little Tommy can’t walk and Little Suzie has a squeaky wheelchair because you’re leaving,” he yelled out the door.

Clauson was asked to emcee after his performance stole the show last year, appearing on stage in his underwear and pouring water over his head while dancing to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”

The event raised $1,547, and SAAC president and former volleyball player Ashley Reeves said SAAC will use money from other events last semester to send a total of $2,000 to the Special Olympics. This is the second year the money raised at this event has gone to this charity.

“Since we are all athletes and play sports, we like the idea of giving to other sports,” Reeves said. “Previously we have given to disaster relief like with Katrina, but we wanted to go back to the Special Olympics.”

Sophomore swimmer Elena Alvarez was the night’s priciest purchase, going for $110.

“A friend bid on me but I was not expecting him to go that high,” Alvarez said. “My goal was to get $20. It was so awkward up there.”

Other top sellers were men’s soccer player Paddy Tangney ($100), swimmer Alicia Negrotti ($85) and volleyball player Jessica Tkachuk ($80).

Some athletes planted friends and roommates in the audience in case no one bid on them. Mat Johnson, a freshman on the football team, had his roommate there to buy him for $10.

“I was just helping out my struggling roommate,” said Conor Gilmartin, another freshman on the football team. “I can put down $10 on him.”

Clauson continued his racy routine when teammate Greg Costa came up on stage.

“Ladies, open up your wallets and after the auction you will be opening up your legs,” he told the crowd.

Costa pulled in $45.

Before the event senior volleyball player Whitney Turner planned to bid on freshman soccer player Lars Okland.

“I told him I would, but my limit was $50,” Turner said. “So thank goodness it was only $45.”

Every purchased athlete came with a dinner gift certificate to a local restaurant including Vinny T’s, Conor Larkin’s, Applebee’s or Symphony Sushi.

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