Commentary: New budget a success, more to come

I want to address the recent news about the proposed tuition hike for the coming school year. This year the Student Government Association (SGA), led by President Rogan O’Handley, achieved unprecedented success in fulfilling its mission to let students have a voice in the budget allocation process. As representatives of the undergraduate student body, members of SGA are charged with relaying the priorities of students regarding all aspects of student life to members of the administration. Nowhere is this responsibility more important than when it comes to prioritizing funding for projects that will shape the course of Northeastern’s future.

Although this year we handled the task to the best of our abilities – and earned the respect of the administration in the process – I believe our success in coming years can be even greater. The accuracy with which SGA represents the priorities of the student body depends wholly on the amount of student input we receive. It is important to remember that those students who come to us individually and voice their concerns will ultimately have the most influence.

All students at this university, whether they pay tuition entirely out of pocket or receive some form of financial aid, are a source of income to the university. As such, we should all have a say in where our tuition dollars are spent, or not spent. If you are unhappy with the way the budget process was conducted this year, ask yourself: have I contacted my representatives in SGA and outlined my budget priorities, or voiced my concerns to the administration? If the answer is no, then I have to ask: why not?

Accountability will never be achieved unless it is demanded. In my experience, when it is demanded in a respectful manner, the response from administrators has been overwhelmingly positive. Remember not to sell yourself short as a spokesperson for your own ideas about the future of this university. Every student on campus is equal, and you should not forget that you all have a voice.

-Lindsay Ford is a senior political science major and an SGA Senator.

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