NU Idol yields anthem singer

NU Idol yields anthem singer

By Casey Ramsdell

Tamar St. Julien, a senior psychology major, will not just be watching the Boston Red Sox take on the Oakland Athletics May 1 at “NU Day at Fenway.” St. Julien will also be singing the national anthem at the game, after being named “NU Idol” during a senior singing competition yesterday.

A small crowd gathered in the Alumni Center to watch six seniors battle for this opportunity. All contestants were asked to sing a two to four-minute song, for which they were judged. The competition was one of several events put on by the senior class leading up to senior week.

The three judges included seniors Alvin Carter III and Jessie Goldbas and Vice President for Student Affairs Ed Klotzbier. After hearing all of the singers perform, the judges narrowed the group to three.

The judges were impressed with St. Julien’s rendition of “America the Beautiful,” communications major Kate Lawler’s “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge, and English major Neen Certo’s “Black Velvet” by Alannah Miles. These three singers were selected as finalists and were asked to sing the national anthem in the final round.

When asked what the judges were looking for in the winner, Klotzbier said: “Presence.”

“Someone that can sing at Fenway in front of 35,000 people with Northeastern on their chest,” he said.

St. Julien’s performance of the anthem brought the audience to their feet.

“We need a new Whitney or Celine,” Carter said after St. Julien’s performance, joking. “Just stay away from Bobby.”

St. Julien, who said she hadn’t sung the national anthem since high school, and was surprised she won, and had a good time performing.

“I have to try and mentally prepare to sing in front of so many people,” she said.

“NU Day at Fenway” is a senior week event and seniors who pay their senior gift of $20.07 will be entered into a raffle where the prize is to throw out the first pitch at the game.

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