Prof discusses gender, identity issues

Prof discusses gender, identity issues

By Kate Augusto

A new series to discuss gender issues in history kicked off Thursday with a speech by new Northeastern professor Carla Kaplan, “Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance.”

About 80 people attended the first speech in the “Gender Matters at Northeastern” lecture series, sponsored by the English and African-American Studies departments.

Founder and director of the Women’s Studies Program Debra Kaufman said the purpose of the series is to address gender issues while highlighting cutting-edge scholars in the department, especially new ones like Kaplan.

Before the event Kaplan, a Davis distinguished professor of English, said she hoped students would get “a real vivid sense of what things were like in the 1920s across race and across gender, and have the imaginative experience of projecting [themselves] into a different time

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