College has definitely provided me with sex stories. From a personal rendezvous with “Magnum Boy” to having a classmate knock on my door mid-thrust, my hook-ups have been anything but ordinary.

However, the most memorable hook-up was also the most expensive.

The setting was perfect – the lights were dim and there was mood music. Soon enough, things began to get rowdy.

I guess my guy and I didn’t realize how rowdy we were, because all of a sudden he got tangled in the ethernet cable connected to my computer. An instant later, my computer went crashing to the floor.

Since the music continued to play, I figured my computer was OK and we continued to get tangled with each other.

After the amazing sex, we parted ways and I went to sleep. I didn’t give my computer a second thought. Not until the morning did I realize we broke the computer charger. My computer was dead, and would remain dead until I could get it fixed.

How was I supposed to tell my parents that my computer broke because I was having wild sex with the boy from the first floor whom I had only met twice while sober?

So, after shelling out $150 to fix my computer, I got a new charger and my friends got the right to tease me about it forever.

P.S. The guy was a complete gentleman – he offered to pay for the damages.

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