I have only been in college for a short time, but my sex encounters have been pretty hilarious.

The best story happened this past Columbus Day weekend, when my boyfriend of two years came to visit.

We pretty much had the entire floor of the building to ourselves since everyone else had gone home, so I was not worried when things started getting a little loud at around noon on his last day here.

After he left, I met up with my friends to see how their weekends were.

I asked one girl about her weekend and she responded, “Not as good as your weekend apparently,” and all the girls started giggling. Finally one girl calmed down enough to tell me the story.

To my amazement, she said earlier that afternoon the third-floor resident assistant was coming down the elevator and thought he heard someone crying or getting “beat up.” He followed the sound to my room, of course, and when he listened closer he “heard the slapping,” realized what was going on and left.

The story is even better considering my room (on the first floor) is more than 100 feet from the elevator.

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