Commentary: Students dependent on Facebook

So I did the daring, the unheard of, the insane: I deactivated my Facebook account. Granted, my spree only lasted three days, but I did it. My hundreds of “friends,” my groups, my everything, were gone.

Why did I do it? Primarily to escape the drama and creepiness brought on by Facebook, and just to see what it was like to not be associated with such an addictive concept. Needless to say, those were probably the three worst days of my life. I became oblivious and felt completely ignorant of all that was around me, from who was dating who to where the party was and what other events and functions were going on. The popular saying is, “It’s not real until it’s on Facebook,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I’m sad to say that in a matter of days I was drawn back into this online drug, but most students all fall victim to the same addiction. We are simply counting down the days until the “propose” option is available to those “In a Relationship.” When age 65 rolls around, we will all be listening to Jay-Z and checking our Facebook to find that we’ve been “poked.” What a stalker-ish, yet unique concept. For the sake of our collective sanity, I hope no one is thrown in prison because being without Facebook is a crime of the future enough for a sentence of multiple years to life.

– Milby Thorington is a sophomore

pyschology major.

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