Escort service for injured students, faculty not avail

By Kate Augusto

Amanda Correa had been up all Thursday night at the emergency room after a dance move left her with a knee injury and crutches. Exhausted and hobbling around campus, the middler nursing major was frustrated. That’s when it started to snow. She went from her class in Hurtig Hall to the Curry Student Center InfoDesk where she hoped to get transportation back to her West Village residence.

“The person behind the desk called Public Safety, but they said they don’t provide such services, so we called the Disability Resource Center (DRC), but they said they don’t either,” Correa said.

After calling and texting her friends for two hours, Correa finally got in touch with a friend who walked back with her.

“We made it with three minor slips. Then, in front of Behrakis, my crutch slipped and it felt like my femur ripped out of my skin,” Correa said.

Correa had to temporarily use a wheelchair as a result and now has to coordinate her schedule with her friends’ to get help going to and from class. “Being injured changes your life,” she said.

Correa publicized her story on Student Government Association (SGA) presidential candidate Joey Fiore’s campaign Facebook group.

The episode involving Correa has raised questions about where the responsibilities lie when it comes to the transportation of handicapped students and faculty.

Susan Dye, SGA vice president for student services, has been working to get transportation available for temporarily handicapped students and faculty members. Dye is working with SGA, Student Affairs, and Fiore.

“[SGA] met with Vice President [for Student Affairs] Ed Klotzbier who is very willing to work with us. He’s totally on board

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