Meet the candidates: Joey Fiore

Meet the candidates: Joey Fiore

Now performing in Northeastern’s musical production of “Guys and Dolls,” Joey Fiore hopes to move west once he graduates to study geo-physics, possibly at University of Southern California, and try his luck in show business while there.

Fiore, a middler geology and history major, now running for Student Government Association (SGA) president, has dreamed of becoming an archeologist since he was young. As a teenager he changed his mind, wanting to become a lawyer, occasionally drifting toward acting, but once in college he returned to his childhood dream.

“The things you’re interested in when you’re a little kid are a lot of times the things you are genuinely interested in. I’m a believer that life is short and you need to enjoy what you do,” Fiore said.

Raised in Sutton, Fiore attended a small high school that he said he loved. He was the running back on his school’s state championship football team, and the captain of the track team. He played baseball for one year and was part of the theatre club and student council.

Fiore said he chose Northeastern for its location.

“Northeastern is right in the middle of the city. I like the campus even though it’s in the city,” he said. “It’s pretty, we have plants and flowers, and it’s not a concrete jungle like BU.”

Fiore’s initial perspectives of the SGA were not positive. He first heard about SGA from his summer orientation and followed the controversy over then-President Andres Vargas’ forced resignation after he was found responsible for holding an illegal party in summer 2004.

“One of the reasons I joined student government was because I was disappointed with where it was and their effectiveness on the things I had issues with and no one was really working on,” Fiore said.

Fiore is now in his second semester as a senator and said he joined because he saw SGA on an ‘upswing’ last year.

Fiore became a member of the Student Affairs committee under Vice President Adriana Campos. After a few meetings, Campos announced Fiore as her assistant vice president. Fiore stepped down from his assistant position this semester because his class schedules conflicted with student affairs board meetings.

He has worked on multiple projects for SGA including the Halloween Carnival where kids from the community came to celebrate the holiday in a safe place. He also helped plan the Student Group Synergy and was chair of the athletic sub-committee, which came up with the new Diehard Dog fight song. He has pushed for more school spirit and said he supports the athletics programs on campus.

Fiore also worked with Vice President for Academic Affairs MJ Paradiso on the new online teacher evaluations and chaired the committee in charge of the Matthews Arena renovation plans.

With the Husky Energy Action Team (HEAT), Fiore said he is working on making Northeastern more environmentally sustainable and push legislation in the next couple of weeks to help make buildings LEED certified.

Fiore said he decided to run for president and not a vice president position because of SGA’s switch to direct elections.

“We’re in a position with the switch to direct elections where we now have the opportunity to really include the student body, in an un-paralleled way in SGA’s history,” Fiore said. “This is the time for change. This is the time to make SGA more open to students on campus.”

Apart from SGA, Fiore has been involved with the Resident Student Association for a couple years and was Hall Council president for four different housing councils. He is also the president of the Terra Society, Northeastern’s geology student group.

“I love to help and throw fun, exciting events. Fun is one of the most important things in life,” Fiore said.

Fiore said he does not identify with any political party, and does not agree with the idea of political parties. In the future, he would like to get involved with politics to see change in the things he does not like. In that case, he would run as an independent.

During his free time Fiore enjoys scuba diving, hiking and any outdoor activities. He enjoys reading and is especially interested in ancient history. He plays intramural flag football, goes to the movies and “parties like every other college student does.”

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