Singer-songwriter mixes upbeat tunes with heartfelt lyrics

Singer-songwriter mixes upbeat tunes with heartfelt lyrics

By Andrew Parquette

Musician Josh Kelley was in the limelight Monday night performing in front of a packed crowd in afterHOURS.

His set spanned three albums, including his most recent, “Say The Word,” which was released last October. His musical style resembles sensitive guitar contemporaries like Jack Johnson and John Mayer, with a personality to match comedian Dane Cook. This was not lost on the female fans that showed up to support him.

Junior music major and recent “Battle of the Beanpot Bands” competitor Brian Bergeron opened the show with five mostly acoustic guitar tunes.

Kelley kicked off his performance with a few upbeat songs about past girlfriends and his southern heritage, a background that influenced his music. His bass player and drummer were just as playful and wild as Kelley was, joking and moving to their own beats as they played.

Afterward, Kelley played solo with an acoustic guitar, pouring his emotions out to carefully selected guitar chords. His song “Natalie,” visibly touched a chord with the audience But his focus faltered after he made a mistake, and started laughing.

His 2005 hit, “Only You,” from his second album, “Almost Honest,” received the warmest audience reception. The crowd swayed back and forth and sang along with the lyrics. The single’s video had featured his fiance

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