Best classrooms: WEST VILLAGE C, G, H ‘ F

Best classrooms: WEST VILLAGE C, G, H ‘ F

In addition to providing the best housing on campus, Northeastern’s West Village residence halls also feature the university’s best classrooms.

The West Village classrooms, located in buildings C, G, H and F, are equipped with superior computer, audio and visual technology, allowing professors to go beyond standard blackboard and textbook teaching.

While boasting many of the same strengths as close competitor Shillman Hall, West Village has an edge with its more modern design. The chairs, some of which feature bright orange backs, are flashier as well as more comfortable.

Most rooms are on or near the first floor, allowing students to avoid long elevator rides or hikes up many flights of stairs.

Although many other classroom buildings are located a quick walk from one another, the West Village rooms provide their own advantage: fortunate West Village residents don’t have to leave their buildings for class.

The stadium-style seating in most of the rooms provides a guaranteed easy view of the front of the room, without the “obstructed-vision” seats, like those in Ryder and Holmes halls. Furthermore, the wide tables give adequate space for students to spread out their classroom materials.

As one final perk, the buildings’ air conditioning keeps the classrooms comfortable, even when Boston temperatures peak in summer and early fall.

– Julie Balise, News Staff

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