Best new addition to campus: STARBUCKS

Best new addition to campus: STARBUCKS

Northeastern may have inaugurated its seventh president this year, but students thought getting their morning expresso fix was more important when they voted Starbucks a close victor over President Joseph Aoun.

An alternative coffee destination to the on-campus Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks was a fall addition to the renovated afterHOURS. It offers a wide selection of caffeine choices in a variety of flavors to students eager for a burst of energy before, after and between classes.

Convenience could be one reason for its victory, since students no longer need to trek to the nearest locations on Huntington and Massachusetts avenues to get their caramel macchiatos and Earl Grey Tea. And like its other locales around Boston, the afterHOURS Starbucks offers a variety of specialty baked goods like pound cake, caramel brownies and rice krispies treats, light meals like salads and sandwiches and its signature Italian names to describe its cup sizes.

Along with a plethora of beverages and treats, afterHOURS offers its coffee drinkers comfy chairs, booths and caf

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