Best on-campus student group: RESIDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION

Best on-campus student group: RESIDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION

The year has been packed with programming for the Resident Student Organization (RSA).

The “Amazing Husky Hunt” was a city-wide scavenger hunt that challenged more than 600 students in teams of 12 to stay awake for 24 hours while they scoured Boston for odds and ends, like three guys named “Bob” older than 29. The November event was among the most popular in the organization’s history.

“NU’s Biggest Loser” followed 10 contestants through an 11-week journey to adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. The winner will be announced later this month. In March, RSA held their annual Sex Week, voted the best time on campus, to raise sexual awareness. The group also unveiled a controversial magazine featuring nude photos of students, a confessional about being a “closet slut” and advice to females about how to give a good blow job.

While it was a banner year for programming, RSA also coped with loss. Adrienne Devino, a freshman communications major and one of RSA’s two public relations officers, died March 31. The accident occurred during RSA’s annual internal conference at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, N.H. RSA members at the time said the loss brought them closer together.

“This year was unbelievable, as we excelled in recruiting new members and hosting different programs but also, I think that we were able to prove how strong we really are as a community by being there for one another and working in something that could make Adrienne’s legacy last forever. We had the support,” said Smith Anderson, RSA’s vice president for programming.

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