Best upperclassmen housing: WEST VILLAGE G,H

Best upperclassmen housing: WEST VILLAGE G,H

With their sleek interior design and exceptional apartments, West Village G and H were voted the best upperclassmen housing.

The two residence halls, which collectively house more than 500 students, were added to Northeastern’s skyline in fall 2004, making them some of the newest upperclassman residence buildings on campus, behind only Coventry.

West Village G features brightly colored walls and many apartments with single bedrooms, some offering extraordinary views of the city.

A 16-story behemoth, West Village H provides themed housing for students 21 and older. Towering higher than its neighboring West Village G, its creative design and height make it easily visible for several blocks.

Unlike in Burstein, Rubenstein and some other upperclassman halls, West Village G and H residents enjoy the luxuries of enhanced apartment living: a garbage disposal and dishwasher in the kitchen and central air conditioning to keep temperatures bearable in the summer.

West Village G and H are a short walk from classrooms, setting them above comparable halls on Columbus Avenue. Both halls also contain several classrooms. The first four floors of West Village H feature computer labs, offices and the College of Computer and Information Science.

The residence halls are also a short distance from the Museum of Fine Arts, West Village B’s Wollaston’s and other residence halls.

– Julie Balise, News Staff

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