Column: Don’t rush the fashion season

Column: Don’t rush the fashion season

So far, what seems to be spring weather has arrived. But Mother Nature could break this warm streak with a snowstorm at any time. This leaves me to ask the age-old question, “what am I going to wear?”

However, some people don’t hesitate to take advantage of a warmer day by walking around in shorts, sandals and T-shirts … when it’s only 45 degrees. These individuals are what I like to call “Season Rushers,” or people who want it to be spring so badly they will take any chanc to break out their new spring clothes, even if it is not appropriate to wear them yet.

Truthfully, they drive me crazy.

About three weeks ago, during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the weather was beautiful for about three days. I saw girls in white cropped pants with platform sandals, guys in shorts and lots of flip-flops. I didn’t necessarily have a problem with people in flip-flops, as there’s no talking people out of wearing them in the middle of winter anyway. But white pants? I don’t mean to be so retro, but I still believe in the adage, “no white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.”

Not that these are major holidays, but they put a marker on the beginning and end of summer, which is the only season when it’s appropriate to wear white on the bottom. And shorts? Give it at least until around now to expose those pasty winter legs of yours – this goes for both guys and girls. But why was all this so offensive to me? Maybe because there happened to be a blizzard only a day later. It just was not spring yet, and therefore not yet time to dress like it was.

So what is it that makes people want to rush the season? Perhaps it’s the return from spring break vacations that put people in the summer mindset. Or maybe it’s the fact that Northeastern’s “summer” begins at the end of April. Just because our school year is over doesn’t mean it is officially summer.

And there’s always blaming global warming, which yielded unexpected 70-degree days in January and December. Whatever the reason, if you put a day of 50 degrees in a different context, say, in middle of summer after a streak of hot days, these “Season Rushers” would be bundled up in boots and parkas for sure.

There has to be a happy medium for these rushed individuals. Why not try the most obvious solution when it comes to transitioning from season to season? Layering. Guys, you should be all set in a hoodie and jeans. It’s not appropriate for shorts yet, at least not until it’s a solid 65 degrees. But still keep that sweatshirt handy and wait until summer for just a T-shirt and shorts.

Girls, as the major “Season Rushing” perpetrators, you need a little more instruction. Take one element of your spring wardrobe, for instance the wildly coveted denim mini skirt. Try it with leggings and a trendy cropped jacket over a long-sleeve shirt. You’ll have a good balance of style and warmth, without looking too wintry. This is especially helpful for an all-day look that will keep you warm even after the sun sets and the temperature drops. It’s all about being practical with your wardrobe choices, and layering is a great way to achieve a stylish look without having to commit to only one season.

With the weather in Boston, especially during the transitional period between seasons, you can never be sure what will happen from one day to the next, but you should be prepared. What’s the point in rushing the season? In our society, it seems everyone is in such a busy mindset that we need to rush from one thing to the next. What’s wrong with just enjoying the cooler days and getting good wear out of your Uggs and favorite winter sweater before it gets too warm to put them on again?

Spring will come soon enough, and with the aid of global warming, maybe even sooner from here on out. Just put up with the bitter end of winter – we do live in Boston after all – and the time for spring, and your sandals, will be here before you know it.

– Julia Gall can be reached at [email protected]

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