Commentary: Devino family thanks NU for support

To the entire Northeastern University Community:

We, the family of Adrienne J. Devino, wish to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you at Northeastern University for the absolutely wonderful year our daughter/sister was having. She was so happy to be on campus and making the most of every detail college life has to offer – the fun, the clubs and yes, even the classes. It is too hard to understand why this tragic accident happened, but with that said, we cannot begin to thank you enough for the flowers, the cards, all the kind thoughts and the prayers. Thanks to all of you who were willing to ride 10 hours on a bus just to say goodbye. Thank you for the candlelight memorial, the beautiful clothespins, the priceless photo collages, the pirate ring and the gloves. Always remember those incredible eyes, her perpetual smile and AJ’s zest for life and her ability to make every day fun. This should be a lesson to us all. Be happy, learn lots, dream big and hug someone/anyone every day.

– Linda, Ed, Brittany, Cassie ‘ Eddie Devino

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