Editorial: Bourne should lead student body

We came into this year excited for the opportunity to endorse a candidate for the Student Government Association’s (SGA) first presidential direct elections. Since this is the first year students have a voice in choosing their leader, The News anticipated choosing the more outstanding candidate and standing behind him. However, faced with the decision of backing Joey Fiore or Christopher Bourne in last week’s issue, we chose not to endorse either, giving the candidates another week to stand out and demonstrate who deserves it.

Now, four days into voting, we feel ready to choose a candidate and we choose Christopher Bourne

Despite sanctions issued against Bourne’s campaign last night, Bourne was not found personally responsible for any misconduct made by his campaign. Moreover, we find the allegations minor. We stand by our decision to support Bourne’s candidacy for president, and do not feel these sanctions affect his ability to effectively lead as president.

At last week’s three debates, Bourne spoke of ambitious but realistic reforms, like a late-night dining caf

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