Looking to other places

By Kate Augusto

Northeastern’s rising tuition, may be too high for students to handle. Not everyone can get a full ride, but it is important students don’t overlook potential financial resources.

Freshman criminal justice major Victoria Scaccianoce said she feels discouraged from applying for scholarships.

“I didn’t want to apply for them because I didn’t think that I would get picked over tons of other students who are probably applying, and it’s not worth it if it’s pages of work,” Scaccianoce said.

However, Seamus Harreys, Dean of Student Financial Services, said applying can be useful, especially at Northeastern where there is a “fairly generous” financial policy regarding scholarships. While at some schools, awarded scholarships could reduce a student’s need-based financial aid, Northeastern’s scholarships only add to a student’s total financial aid, Harreys said.

Students should look into their clubs, employers and groups their parents belong to for potential scholarships, Harreys said.

The Boston Public Library has a higher education resource center where students can find many scholarship opportunities, Harreys said.

Students can also put awarded scholarships on their r

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