More Springfest tickets on sale today

By Samantha Egan

The Council for University Programming (CUP) announced yesterday an additional 750 tickets will go on sale today for Saturday’s Springfest concert. The seats are in the balcony section of Matthews Arena.

CUP was able to increase the number of seats after getting an updated entertainment license from the city of Boston. This allowed them to open the balcony, which wasn’t an option before.

The concert sold a record-breaking 3,600 tickets within seven hours two weeks ago. When CUP Concert Committee Chair Jeff Maimon heard the news he said he was “half excited, half in a panic.”

Following the rapid sellout, CUP received several angry e-mails from students who missed out, and announced last week that getting more tickets was the group’s No. 1 priority. However, Maimon said it was the rapid sellout rather than the e-mails that pushed CUP to pursue more tickets.

Maimon said he thought Nas was the act that captured the most student attention.

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