Northeastern, it’s time to part ways

Dear Northeastern University,

Let me begin by saying my four years at Northeastern have been great. We’ve had some really good times together. There were those two amazing co-ops, countless hours of classes with top-notch faculty and a great, nurturing community that made my education unforgettable.

But, honestly, I think it’s time we both move on.

You see, I thought I made it pretty clear that once I fulfilled all my requirements and got ready to embark on my post-college life, this relationship would have to end. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m ready for something different, something more.

But it’s become obvious you’re not ready to let go. First it was the surprise that the mandatory student loan exit interviews were happening last week. That word “mandatory” makes it pretty clear this was a big deal. However, had I not strolled past a room on the fourth floor of the Curry student center and noticed the 8.5″ by 11″ flyer mentioning the interviews, I would have been none the wiser.

Maybe my notification was lost in the mail; a simple mistake. Fine. But then I take another trip around the student center to find that this week we have to pick up tickets to commencement. What, that letter didn’t make it to my mailbox either? I think not.

Breaking up is hard to do, I know, but seriously Northeastern, it’s time to cut the cord.

I wish it didn’t have to happen like this. I would hope you could be strong enough to let me go. Explicitly notify me at both my home and local address of these mandatory requirements.

What else are you hiding from me? Will I get to TD Banknorth Garden May 5 only to learn there was yet another requirement I was otherwise unaware of?

You’re a great school, Northeastern. I know you could have any prospective student you want. Don’t get hung up on little old me; I think you could do better.

Just remember, if you love something let it go; if it was truly yours, it will give generously as an alum.

– Bobby Hankinson is a senior journalism major and a member of The News staff.

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