I want to be free; free to do whatever I please.

I do not want to be tied down to one guy. I am in college; I should not be picking out a husband, I should be exploring my options.

While in college, I have been dating or hooking up with about four guys at school and three guys at home, since I tend to go home on the weekends.

While all seven guys have given me a lot, one has given me a memory I would gladly give back.

I decided to go home for Easter this year so I could celebrate with my family and see some of my boys. “Eric” was the No. 1 boy on my list, so he was the one I made plans with.

Eric came over while my family was out shopping. We weren’t long into watching some classic Easter television specials before Eric and I started going at it.

I did not want to get too into it though, because I was not sure when my family was due home. But with Eric, I could not help myself. He just turns me on to the point of no return.

As soon as we had stripped each other I heard a car pull up the driveway. Eric and I quickly got dressed and ran out the door.

“We are going for a drive,” I said to my mom in passing.

We drove to one of the most romantic nearby locations, a local national park. No one really came around the area during this time of year so I figured we would be safe to do as we pleased.

I was wrong. Once again after stripping one another and making the car hot and steamy, we were interrupted. A flashlight shined through the window. I frantically searched for something to cover myself with and the only thing I could find was the floor mat.

Eric rolled down the window. It was the park rangers. They told us this was not the appropriate area to be “parking” and we should be on our way.

Beyond embarrassed, I quickly got redressed, hopped in the driver’s seat and drove away.

While Eric did help me be free, it was not in the way I wanted – I never wanted to give someone a free show.

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